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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

You know what I never mentioned?

Sniffles and I cut those damn trees down ourselves. I finally got a hold of the tree people and he said he was just going to trim a key branch or two. I got tired of fighting, and off we went.

We did all of the hard stuff... which is cutting branches off... cutting branches out of wires (which turned out to be cable lines by the way) and all of the clean up. Then we were left with just the trunks of two maple trees.

At some point it was clear that we would need a chainsaw to get the rest down, because hand sawing anything thicker than maybe 4 inches is plain stupidity. I happened to run into Tootie and saw that her handyman was fixing a downspout.. and I paid him $50 to finish the job with a chainsaw.

We have a nicely stacked pile of wood for burning next season after it's all dried out. I lied about the size of the tree. It was far bigger and thicker than I initially thought... and therefore... a lot more work to cut down.

Next up.. permission slip from the neighbor, permit from the city, take down old fence and build a new one.


I decided this weekend is "project wrap up weekend". There are lots of little details on projects that didn't get finished over the last year for one reason or another. Usually, it was weather or heat related. Now that it's nice out, it's time to put some number on the house and install the rest of the bathroom vent among other things.

I'm not pressuring myself though. I just need to scratch like one thing off the list and I'll be happy.


For reasons I can not get into, I no longer have to lock my LJ down for innocent things like home repair... so a public this will go.

It's a freeing feeling. Besides... what's the point in a blog if no one can randomly happen across it and actually see some content?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

tell me about it. It's not just teachers. If I were to publicly discuss my job, I could lose it. A new hire at Google was talking about his training etc... I don't even think he was saying anything bad... and he totally lost his job.

Definitely the same about family members etc. I have to explain to co-workers and family to not be offended, but I only friend certain people. It's pretty different from our early internet days, huh?

that was me by the way.