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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

Since we're 3 years behind the rest of the world... there's some serious Guitar Hero addiction goin' on round these here parts... on our Playstation 2 (the old fat black kind.) Ha. I don't care, it's fun. You should have seen us running into The Exchange 2 minutes before close because we decided at 10 minutes before they closed that we wanted to pick it up.

This laptop runs disgustingly hot.

Sniffles rocks my world... she'd be the greatest stay at home dyke evar. Today, she baked zuchini bread, did laundry and bundled up a shit ton of yard waste from cutting down bushes the other day. I'd been dreading it all day today, so imagine my surprise when I came home. :-)

Our neighbors must think we're wierd... on so many levels. First of all, we're always doing something on the house... or we're not home. Second, Sniffles swept the neighbor's driveway because it had some roofing dust on it (which was SUPER CUTE by the way.) Third, I practically stalked Tootie to tell her her headlights were on, only to find out she was cleaning out her car... hence why I saw no movement. I could have walked over there, but that seemed even weirder. I'm such a dweeb.


I highly recommend the Aerosmith version of Guitar Hero! (We play it on the Wii, but I assume they have it for Playstation too...).

It is so much better than the regular GH we had been playing! I just think the songs are more accessible and more interesting to play.

sounds like fun! we bought the original (because it was cheap) to see if we'd play it enough first. im holding out on buying a wii in hopes ill win one at work (or that it'll be our xmas gift. they give a console every year as one of our options...) will see if its available for ps2 though. thanks for the heads up.