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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

Watching Saturday morning cartoons... and I don't get it:
New Scooby Doo
New Tom and Jerry

Neither anywhere near as good as the original. I guess they were more offensive and violent too.

Is it just me... or do you guys remember cartoons containing cigarettes, racial slurs, and stuff about atomic bombs and Germany? Knowing they were edited by the time my young eyes saw them (I'm 28) I can only imagine how crazy they originally were.

I mean, I only remember the stuff because it confused me at the time and I would ask what it meant. Like, on Casper the Friendly Ghost they made all of the black people into ghosts one time... and my dad tried to tactfully explain that they used to be referred to as "spooks." Thinking back on it... it's totally insane to me that it was on a show so seemingly innocuous as Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Oh, and do kids even tell Pollock jokes any more? I remember telling lots of Pollock jokes, and truly thinking that Polish people were stupid. It's all so silly now that I'm (sort of) a grown up and I pretend know all sorts of academic social stuff that explains why people harass whichever group is currently emigrating from their country to ours.

It's really, really creepy how clearly I remember the most random shit. People make fun of political correctness, but oh my gosh, can you imagine what it must have been like for oppressed groups when it was totally acceptable to reinforce negative stereotypes in the media?

Wow, that got kinda deep... and really all I wanted to say was that the new Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry suck.


Man, cartoons reinforced some stereotypes so hard that some people still won't believe that those stereotypes are racist. Like, "gypsy fortuneteller" and "indian" are still pretty much OK Halloween costumes. Dumb stuff like that. It really does sink in.

i think the reason one doesnt hear polish jokes too much anymore is because there are fewer european/white people emigrating to this country nowadays. maybe european-americans are having thoughts of solidarity amongst themselves and instead switch the jokes to say hispanics or something out of fear of their own dwindling numbers. heh.

yeah im taking an anthropology course right now.

fun cartoon stuff. toms maid was a black woman. they changed the color of her legs, but she sill has the same voice. jerry had a blindfold on and was smoking a cigarette before tom was about to shoot him. the flintstones used to advertise i think winstons. or camels. i had no idea about casper, but it makes sense now. there's quite a collection on youtube.

ahhhh. you tube. Gotta love it.

Sniffle's speakers are kinda weird on this laptop or I'd spend my day watching them.