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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

I'm not into conspiracies... I'm not one to believe this sort of thing. But... they certainly present a compelling argument.

Some of it I had always wondered myself... like the cell phones, the planes that I know several people saw that day flying near Cleveland when the planes were all supposed to be on the ground... the implosion of the last building so long after the rest... the lack of rubble near the pentagon... and the "good luck" that it was in a newly constructed area where few people were.

I dunno. Give it 20 minutes... laugh if you want to... but you'll at least be intrigued enough to watch the rest. It is like an hour and a half long though...


Thanks B for the enlightenment.

Even if I don't WANT to believe it... it doesn't mean that I can turn a blind eye to some very blatant inconsistencies in the stories.


B & I talked about this after she watched it and I watched most of it (a student recommended it a while ago)...

At the very least, it raises some questions. I have realized lately that I'm not denying the existence of a conspiracy...even before I saw this I figured from the news that the administration KNEW something was going to happen and they could've taken better steps to prevent "a something."

Good point: I don't WANT to believe it either, but the conspiracy theorist in me keeps nagging at me.

yeah, and like I said... some things nagged at me since then... I mean... I remember the news people "being wrong" "being corrected" and being fired for what they said.

but most of all... the cell phone thing was the biggie