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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

Go Newsweek for putting "Rethinking Gender" as a cover story this week.


I mean, it's all a lot more complicated than what they get into, but it's a nice "milk before meat" commentary.


I don't really know the phrase "milk before meat" but I'll bet I agree with it. :D

I wish they'd picked some different folks for the photo gallery, but overall I liked the article, more or less.

BTW, I forgot to respond to your comment, and responded to the post. D'oh. See below.

milk before meat is where you give someone a high level overview and let them digest that before you present them with less easy to grasp information. ie. babies get milk before they're given food.

yeah... the gallery was disappointing... but maybe that's all that came to the job fair I guess.

I know...I was wondering where the FTMs were represented...out of 16 pictures, I think I saw 3.