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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

I know you all were on the edges of your seat wondering if we'd survived backpacking... we did... we more than did in fact. We had an amazing time.
We were all proud of ourselves because we got our packs under our goal weight... 22lbs for Sniffles and about 24 for me. Which is absolutely awesome.

The hike we were going to take had a bridge out, so the ranger recommended another way. Well.. it was MUCH harder than we expected, and we literally hiked up hill for more than nine miles. It would have been challenging without twenty odd pounds on our backs, which made it all the more rewarding when we finished.

I think Sniffles is officially a backpacking convert (versus car camping.)
I have to say that I may just prefer it myself.

Mind you... the camps had outhouses (to keep people from just going anywhere due to being so near to water I suppose....) and wood to probably control the clearing of the areas around the camp... so it was really posh backpacking... but there's something to be said to not having to unpack and repack cars and worrying about your stuff as you're out hiking all day.

I did miss my hobo pies and a cold beer at the end of the day though. ;-)


Training for the MS Pedal to the Point is right on schedule... we rode about 10 miles round trip on Tuesday with a stop to meet up with Tootie and Hatgrrl and their babyboy up at the smoothie shop. I think I am quickly becoming a smoothie addict. I mean... it's all fruit and Yogurt... so much better for you than ice cream. They are both tasty and energizing. Good times.

I did almost get hit by some idiot though. I hate my helmet, so I don't wear it. I really ought to find a new one.

We are riding tonight, but I can't decide which direction we should go. Hmm. Or maybe climbing... decisions decisions.
Either way, we are feeling pretty confident that by the end of the summer we'll be just fine riding 150 miles in two days.

I'll tell you that having our bikes tuned up and properly adjusted has made all the difference.
I need to install the odometer on my bike tonight so we have an accurate idea of how fast and far we're riding.


This no school thing is really working for me.

My mood is generally 10 times better than it was when I was feeling guilty when I did anything... and hated life when I was doing homework. It was one deadline after another. I hate doing things when I have to do them... I like it better when I can just do stuff when I'm in the mood to.

I plan to start studying for the last couple of exams for my MCSE this week. I have the books... so I just need to start reading them to review material. Not too worried about passing as I've never failed one yet. An MCSE will equal a significant pay raise... so I'm certainly motivated.


Wow! Glad you're enjoying life again now that you're finished with school!!!