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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

OK... so I absolutely NEVER EVER follow random anonymous links that are left as comments in my LJ.
Normally, I delete them and go about my merry way.

For some reason I did this time.

Then, I actually signed up to play this game out of morbid curiosity of how long it'll take to get to 7 million.
It's the equivalent of an internet chain letter combined with a pyramid scheme... only there's no sending 7 people one dollar and no fake letter claiming aliens will abduct you if you don't pass it along.

You give people a link to follow... they register (literally create username and password... no other information necessary...)
Then you invite people.

It says it's a school project... who the fuck knows, since it's really sparse on the info... but I look at it as my part in some small social experiment.

The catch is, you have to get someone else to sign up within 30 days or your account expires.

So... sign the fuck up one of y'all so I can check back every so often.