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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

It makes me a little ashamed to claim my Cherokee heritage when they are doing things like tossing the decedents of their slaves out of the tribe over money.
It makes me sad that they are buried in a separate part of the cemetery.

I'm outraged at their blatant discrimination over something that has been in place since the slaves were freed and absorbed into the tribe... like way back.
Yet they can freely (and justifiably) object about their portrayal in the media, about how they died as they were forcibly removed from their homelands, and how they've been discriminated against since the beginning of all of this.

It's enough to make me try to get my paperwork together so I can pitch my bitch.

The article is here:



this is your invitation. good luck.

wow. my great great grandfather was cherokee. I never even considered that the cherokees owned any slaves. They don't really talk about that aspect too much.

I have always wondered about my cherokee side. I was actually looking for my ancestor on a roll but John Williams is a popular name and I don't have many records of the guy yet. I always thought it would be nice to see if I would qualify for some kind of membership. Not for freebies or anything but from a genealogist's perspective as well asthe sense of belonging. I think I'm too far removed though not sure.

I think it's a 16th or something.

If you have names of people in your family, you can cross reference it with information that other people have gathered to prove ancestry. In other words... say a second or third cousin you've never met has established heritage, then you could too by proxy (and a blood test.)

Give the counsel a call and see what they say.

"Pitch my bitch"? Do shed some light on the meaning of this most excellent phrase...

Not sure of the origin to my vernacular... and honestly... I could have completely made it up... I do that a lot.

But after thinking about it... it's a combination of:

- Pitching something... which is what sales people do when they try to make you believe that pet rocks will be the new best friend of all.

- Bitching about something is pretty obvious... and since I'm not pitching a sale, I've to to pitch something... my bitch.