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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

In superficial news... Britney Spears went to rehab and came out with a shaved head.


She's going to go down in history as being a complete nut... I mean, that girl ain't right. But then... she was like 16 years old when she became fodder for the pornographic fantasies of men all over the world.

Speaking of people (me) who have a perverse fascination with pop culture while making an attempt to stay true to their cranial roots...
I'm about a quarter of the way through The Know it All. It's a memoir about this guy who decides one day that he's essentially flushed his brain down the toilet in his post-college years. So, he decides to become "the smartest person in the world," and reads the entire encyclopedia brittanica. It certainly doesn't help that he is a writer for a magazine focused on pop culture...

The memoir is especially interesting, because he takes you through the entire alphabet as method of moving through the story. It's a mix of absurd and interesting tidbits he's picked up (including his sometimes hilarious thoughts on the topic) along with how it ties into his personal insecurities, his relationships, and how the encyclopedia (and the slew of information that flies through his head all day) affects his entire life in general.

I'm not easily amused, and this one has had me laughing out loud at least 3 times.

I can certainly relate to his experience and annoyance of having your brain interfering with your life by constantly bringing random information that is loosly associated to whatever it is that is going on. It can be really distracting.. and sometimes if I can't keep it to yourself... obnoxious to those around me.

Byl... I especially recommend this one for you... in fact, consider it required reading.
You were the first person I thought of after the first chapter was over... trust me on this one.


britney, wtf.

that book sounds really cool! who is the author?

There's a link to it in amazon, but it's a.j. jacobs.

I know... she doesn't even look good with her head shaved. Is she going all Sinead on us?

dude, i don't know what that's about. what a freak.

Really... I've heard about that book, I will do as you say and put it on the required reading list.

Oh, Britney... yes, at this point it isn't even fun to watch anymore. Interestingly though, I had a dream the other night that she gave me her baby to take care of. I woke up and was embarrassed for myself for having a dream like that.

let me know what you think

I think it shows your desire to not allow a train wreck raise a kid.