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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]


"The shipping cost in the ad is probabely  is notright for you area!  but in this case the shipping is free. .    Let meknow where you are  because  I will need to know where you  are so ican  pay the correct shipping price."

you know you want this dress.


OMG Kristel, if I buy it for you and give you $20 would you wear it out for an evening? No? Oh man. You're no fun anymore now that you're not desperately poor.


You know... you're totally not the only one who paid me to do ridiculous things when I was desperately poor.

I'm plenty of fun... and plenty generous now that I'm not desperately poor. :-)

By saying that you're plenty generous, are you implying that you'll give me $20 to walk around in the dress? You got it. Will I be wearing it to Bretz or to a private residence?