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October 2009
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Kristel [userpic]

Sniffles and I needed a little retail therapy yesterday, so we returned a few things that needed to get out of the house and then we headed over to the Gap to spend gift certificates we got for Christmas.

Now, for me, the Gap is only good for work shirts, the occasional sweater and pants. Pretty much everything else I'll take a pass on. Since it's rare for me to find pants that fit the way I like, when I find a brand I like... I'm generally willing to pay whatever it is they're asking. Generally, I can hit up the Gap outlet for jeans and the Bass outlet for work pants. Anyway, there's no real point here except I'm trying to justify why I shop at the Gap and Bass when the attitudes that surround the store aren't really concurrent with my mindset.

So we go to the Gap and I hit up the sale rack and manage to find not one but 3 pairs of pants that fit perfectly... I put one back because I didn't like the pockets... so I got a pair of blue striped dress slacks and a pair of jeans for $30. But, the real reason I'm even mentioning it is that the jeans look absolutely hot on me. I have never, ever thought I looked great in a pair of pants... this is an absolutely earth shattering moment in the life of Kristel.

We also found an amazing pin striped suit for Sniffles. She is in New York city for the week for work, and she needed another suit to round out her professional wardrobe. Regardless, I absolutely love pin stripes and they rarely make them for women... so imagine our surprise when we found one on sale... and in her size... that she liked. She sports the stripes very well, and all it needed was hemming for the pants length (girl is so short that even "petite" lengths are still two inches or more too long.) So, I quick stitched the pants and it should hold up just fine. I want a picture of her in this suit though, because I'm not exaggerating when I say she looks damn good.

I've been craving a good game of Scrabble. We just haven't had the time lately, and the fire was relit when I watched "Word Wars" which is a documentary about the run up to the Scrabble national championships. If you're into documentaries... especially unintentionally funny documentaries... this is one to watch.

Side note: am I the only one who thinks documentaries are typically better than films because truth is often more shocking or funny than anything a writer could ever think up? I have a special place in my heart for people who didn't let society push down all of the quirkiness that is inherent in all of us.

Geek moment (as if the rest wasn't...) I'm pretty excited that I finally have everything together technology wise to set up a second computer as a linux box. I've used linux off and on over the years, but I have wanted a second machine running only that... but I never have the space. So I got a spare computer upgraded sufficiently, and one of those KVM switches so you only need one keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Now I just need to download it and get it installed. Woot!

Between not having more than a passing ability with both linux and cisco routers... I feel like my techie repertoire is severely lacking. I also have two older routers that I will play with the minute school is over and my brain can handle learning something new. I'd like to be certified by the end of the summer in cisco. As soon as school is over, I'll finish the last two exams for my 2003 MCSE. Then I'll be good to go for a while.

I'm disappointed, however, that I somehow screwed up my registration for the Vista roll-out. It's on Tuesday, and I realized I never got a confirmation for my registration. I was so looking forward to playing with it before I had to support it... and the free copies of Vista and Office 2007 wouldn't have hurt either. I have half a mind to show up and see if a seat opens up from someone not being able to make it. Maybe we'll have a blizzard and no one will be able to get into downtown from far away... and since I live so close...

All right... gonna finish catching up on LJ and that it's off to the land of homework for the rest of the day. School is going pretty well so far, surprisingly. But, I really can't wait until April.